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Change a Life

"Volunteering with District 5 Animal Alliance Detroit has been a mutually enriching experience and I recommend anyone reading this to get involved, big or small- raise your hand! Volunteering is fun, free way to use your skills, talent, empathy, time, and more to impact the world, positively.
My D5 Volunteering journey started where else? In Detroit. I met our wonderful President Beata and we became fast friends, bonding over… what else? A pit bull (Nala <3)
I began fostering and thinking, how else can I help? I then began to try to help fundraise a little at a time, grow the rescue, and do what I could to help. Starting small, a share here and there, $5 Friday, towels and blankets, transporting, networking, social media content creation, graphic design, and more….
I am now a Board Member and take an active role in each and every rescue day, I am so thankful for the positive impact D5 has had on my life and the opportunity it allows me to bless others."
- Callen Vorpi

Dog Portrait
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